Les Misérables has already made off with $67 million at the box office since debuting on Christmas day, but a lot of people have found the sweeping musical largely problematic. Many are quick to criticize the performance of Russell Crowe. He can't really sing that well after all and some really judgmental critics feel that he ruined the whole movie.

The Atlantic Wire described Helena Bonham Carter and Sacha Baron Cohen's performance as the Thénardiers as "an awkward sore thumb in an otherwise serious production." Amanda Dobbins over at Vulture stated her feelings about the director succinctly: "Tom Hooper ruined Christmas." The New York Times said that the chemistry between characters, as well as the movie in its entirety, "lacked spark."

But the one thing you can't say is that Anne Hathaway didn't absolutely slay her performance of "I Dreamed a Dream." The Times invoked the image of goatse and said that Hathaway "devours the song, the scene, the movie, and turns her astonishing, cavernous mouth into a vision of the void."

Unfortunately, there's no reliable clip of the scene online right now, but here's a Spotify link to the audio of it. Just imagine Jesus kissing Beyonce and you've got the visual aspect of the performance (make sure you try to picture Hooper's dramatic and unnecessary camera movements for the full effect though).

Well the one person who really didn't think Hathaway's performance was anything special was in fact Hathaway herself. The L.A. Times spoke with her about the filming of the song, which took 20 takes to produce (mostly at Hathaway's own request):

Asked if she is pleased with the version that appears in the final cut, she shrugged half-heartedly.


"Eh," eh? Well there's no Academy Award for modesty! Get over it and start bragging about how awesome you are. Everyone's already saying it.

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