The 23-year-old woman who was savagely gang-raped by a group of men aboard a bus in South Delhi died early Saturday morning at a hospital in Singapore.

The victim — nicknamed "India's Daughter" by the local press — had undergone three operations in a Delhi hospital before being flown to Singapore for additional treatment.

Sadly, she remained in extremely critical condition since being admitted to Mount Elizabeth Hospital, and eventually succumbed to severe physical trauma.

The gang rape which led to the woman's fatal injuries occurred on December 16th in the Indian capital.

The woman and a male friend, returning home from seeing the Life of Pi, boarded a nearly empty public bus and were confronted by six drunk men who proceeded to beat them both.

The men raped the woman for an hour, and at one point reportedly inserted an iron rod into her body, which caused massive internal damage.

The two victims were eventually stripped naked and thrown from the still-moving bus.

Police later apprehended six men in connection with the attack.

News of the horrific crime led to daily demonstrations and calls for stricter sexual assault laws in a country where violence against women is rampant and often unreported.

[photo via AP]