Remember when elegant British superstar Kate Winslet married a man who, like an idiot, changed his name to "Ned RocknRoll," and the whole world let out a collective, "Huh?" Today comes news that clarifies everything: Winslet's wedding gift, courtesy of RocknRoll's billionaire uncle, Richard Branson, is a trip to space. See? Doesn't this all make a lot more sense now?

According to the U.K. Sun, Branson intended to gift Winslet a seat aboard the outer space flight after the actress rescued his 90-year-old mother from a house fire at his Necker Island property last year. However, RocknRoll suggested Branson use the ticket as a wedding gift, which the Virgin tycoon has done.

I'd marry pretty much anyone for a trip to space, even someone who actually believes it's rebellious—and not eminently pathetic—to change your last name to "RocknRoll." Good for Kate, who will share her trip to space with, amongst others, Ashton Kutcher and Russell Brand. Ha ha. That part actually sounds terrible, but still: SPACE!

[Image via AP]