A person claiming to be the sister of slain Sandy Hook shooting victim Rachel D'Avino posted a photo to Reddit this morning of what she said was "[Rachel's] seat at the table for Christmas dinner."

Redditors initially voted up the post, but quickly grew suspicious of the poster and their intentions, noting that it was unlikely the sister of a Sandy Hook victim would seek to honor her deceased sibling by posting a photo under the username "Pussyrammer."

"ITT: Everybody getting trolled," wrote one Redditor. "Sweet, sweet murder karma," wrote another.

But claims of photoshopping and "karma whoring" didn't unmask a troll — instead, it spurred "pussyrammer" to post photographic proof that she was who she claimed to be.

Among the evidence: A letter of condolence from President Obama to Rachel's mother Mary; a few personal effects; and a self-shot of herself holding a family photo and the word "pussyrammer."

To those Redditors who remained unconvinced, the OP offered this explanation of the spit-taking username:

We shared an account...Then my boyfriend started being an ass on that username so we created pussyrammer together. We shared a computer so it was easier than logging in and out to separate accounts.

When asked why she didn't create a new, less explicit account for the purposes of her tribute, Pussyrammer responded that the account was just as much a part of the tribute as the photo.

"I'm sorry if this offends anyone I'm just trying to share something with a community that both of us were a part of," she wrote. "We had created this account together so I did not want to make a new account."

[photos via Reddit]