What happens behind the scenes at Gawker? We know you ask yourselves this question every single hour of every single day, and we don't blame you. We are fascinating. Sometimes we order sandwiches for lunch, and sometimes we order burritos. Sometimes we listen to music while we blog, and sometimes we do not. Sometimes Max Read picks his nose, but not always. With all this in mind, we're sharing with you our official "behind the blog post" backstories for all of the posts you clicked the shit out of this year. First up: Kate Middleton's Boobs.

These Topless Photos of Kate Middleton Put Us at Two for Three on Royal Nudie Pic Scandals [NSFW] (UPDATED)

Originally Published: Sept. 14, 8:07 a.m.

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Curated by: Max Read

The Backstory, from Max Read:

I was up early dicking around on the computer when the story broke. "Are you online?" I emailed AJ, who was in Hungary. "hit me," he wrote back. "not online but not tripping yet." I explained the situation: "some french magazine just published kate middleton paparazzi topless photos… we keep the splash image safe for work, right?" "Yea," he replied. "Bars over boobs on top, free boob bottom." And that was how I won my first Pulitzer.


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