While you were busy spending Christmas Day appreciating the fact that you were alive and well and had people in your life that loved enough about you to buy you anything, let alone something that cost hundreds of dollars, there were many less fortunate souls out there who could not appreciate being alive and well and loved because — you may want to sit down for this part — they got a different expensive gift than the one they wanted.

"Only got an iPad 2 god mum I wanted a fuckin iPhone 5 fuck sake," tweeted one such miserable child. Quelle horreur! What could be worse? Oh, that's right: Everything else.

"I didn't get an IPhone for Christmas time to roll up into a ball and die," under-reacted another of God's iPhone-less creatures.

No. Please. Don't.

Thanks (thanks?) to Twitter weirdo Jon "@fart" Hendren and the aptly named humor site Sad and Useless for the rest of these faith-in-humanity-devouring nuggets (see below).

Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.