Today isn't just human Christmas, you guys. It's also pet Christmas, where people wrap and give gifts to their pets despite the animals having literally no idea what's going on. Nonetheless, watching cats and dogs gnaw and tear at wrapping paper to uncover a gift is undeniably cute, so let's all warm our hearts by watching pets — like Mac the puggle, who just could not wait to get his reindeer chew toy in the video above — open their Christmas presents.

Ellie the pug got a box of Greenies!

Milo got some bones!

Jasper the Turkish cat also got some chew toys!

Major the Chocolate lab got two matching bones!

Dash got an admittedly bizarre looking chew toy!

Nadia got some chew toys, too!

Misty got... a hamster chew toy that makes noise?! Yay, Misty!

Chico got a zebra chew toy!

Rusty got a hippo chew toy (I think)!

Pepsi got an oinking pig chew toy!

Congrats to all the pets this Christmas! What a world, right?

[via YouTube]