If you'd considered getting or giving "wrinkle treatment" as holiday gift, perhaps you should reconsider. Of course, there are many reasons why you should reconsider but here's the most urgent one: Last month, the FDA sent a letter to 350 doctors warning them that they may have received counterfeit or unsafe Botox from a Canadian supplier.

Canada Drugs, the company in question, has not been approved by the FDA and has been previously linked to unapproved and/or counterfeit cancer drugs. The company also ships products under the names Quality Specialty Products (QSP), A+ Health Supplies, QP Medical, Bridgewater Medical, or Clinical Care, so if your box of face poison happens to have one of those labels on it, throw that shit away.

Then again, CanadaDrugs.com says the company is the "#1 Trusted Online Pharmacy" with "prices you can smile about," although that presumes you're still able to move your face after injecting it with unsafe Botox.

[Image via AP]