A New Jersey high school student was taken into police custody last week after he was turned in by a teacher for drawing pictures of weapons in his notebook.

Administrators at Cedar Creek High School in Galloway Township phoned police last Tuesday afternoon to complain about unnamed 16-year-old student who was allegedly exhibiting "concern-causing behavior."

A search of the teen's home turned up what police described as "electronic parts and several types of chemicals that when mixed together could cause an explosion." An exact list of chemicals found was not released.

The student was subsequently charged with possession of a weapon, an explosive device, and booked into Harborfields Detention Center.

This despite an admission by Police Chief Pat Moran later that day that "there was no indication [the student] was making a bomb, or using a bomb or detonating a bomb."

"He takes the parts and he builds things with them. Good things," his mother told a local Fox affilate. "I think this is fear because of what just happened in Connecticut."

Greater Egg Harbor Regional High School District Superintendent Steve Ciccariello commended the student's teacher for reporting his behavior to school officials. "In reality, we followed what we're trained to follow," Ciccariello said.

Cedar Creek is a magnet school which prides itself in offering students a "hands-on learning experience" in the fields of engineering and environmental science.

[image via Behance]