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When Al Alverson of Texas came home to find the FedEx package he was expecting to receive that day missing, he immediately went to his surveillance camera footage to see if it had been stolen.

Sure enough, it had. But the identity of the person perpetrating the crime left Alverson in shock.

"I said, ‘oh my god,' it is the UPS guy," he told KHOU 11.

In the footage, Alverson saw the driver walk up to his Harris County home, drop off a package, and then return minutes later to pick up the parcel left by FedEx earlier in the day.

It contained an iPad mini, which Alverson says he purchased for his daughter as a Christmas gift.

Alverson phoned UPS for assistance, but said they had been giving him "the run around" until he put the CCTV footage on YouTube for the world to see. Suddenly, they became "very helpful," and even "promised they would get me a replacement iPad today," Alverson said.

As for the employee, UPS says he was a seasonal worker helping out full-time drivers make their rounds during the holidays. He was promptly terminated, and was arrested yesterday on suspicion of theft.

Alverson later decided not to press charges after the driver returned the package he stole.

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