After months of asking the world what was wrong, and the world sighing "Nothing," and looking out the car window, Kristen Stewart finally realized that Man was still waiting for her to apologize for cheating on him with Rupert Sanders.

So, at last, she has. In an interview with Newsweek (in which she is referred to as "the tabloid media's Joan of Arc," because of her saint-like devotion to her Catholic faith):

"It's not a terrible thing if you're either loved or hated. But honestly, I don't care 'cause it doesn't keep me from doing my shit. And I apologize to everyone for making them so angry. It was not my intention."

If you want to get technical, this actually Kristen Stewart's second apology to the people of Earth for her affair, as she released a statement saying she was "deeply sorry for the hurt and embarrassment I've caused…everyone this has affected" (i.e. us) immediately after news of the scandal broke.

Because the Newsweek story is a printed interview, it's a difficult to tell if the normally warm and vivacious Stewart is genuinely sorry for cheating on the world, or just #sorrynotsorry.

If the latter, we're going to require another public apology.

[Newsweek // Image via Getty]