When last we left elderly Spanish villager Cecilia Giménez, she was attempting to cash in on her infamy as the world's worst fresco restorer by trying to copyright her beastly tarnishing of García Martínez's Ecce Homo.

Well, that didn't go over very well, so Giménez set her sights on another avenue of fame exploitation: Selling her original artwork on eBay.

The Guardian explains:

The money will not go to Gímenez herself but to the Roman Catholic charity Caritas. The picture has been put up for sale by the charity's branch in nearby Zaragoza after the church-owned Cope radio station persuaded her to donate the painting as part of its Christmas charity fundraising drive.

Bidding on "The Bodegas of Borja" closed today, with the winner picking up his very own Gímenez for a cool €1,080 ($1,427).

And Gímenez is just getting started: The octogenarian is set to help Spain welcome the new year with her inaugural television appearance later this month.

[image via eBay]