Is the United States falling behind on chillness? Has American lost its chillness edge to chill rivals? Will our children suffer from the chillness gap? Not if President Obama does what's right and acts on this petition, located on's petition site "We the People":

WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: replace the period symbol with the cool sunglasses emoticon to foster a much chiller discourse in the United States.

A petition to replace the period symbol [or "full stop" as it is known in much of the English speaking world] with the cool guy, sunglasses emoticon to foster a chiller discourse within the United States of America.

(It's located in the Civil Rights and Liberties, Human Rights, and Innovation sections of the site.)

We've mocked up the petition itself, in the graphic above, to demonstrate what English might look like in the future if — let's be positive and say when — it gets the attention it deserves and is signed into law. (Currently it has 9 of the 25,000 signature necessary to trigger White House action.)

[, hat tip to Dan]