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Sweden: model liberal democracy, or teen social-media slut-riot hell? Today in Gothenburg, dozens of Swedish teens barricaded a high school, throwing bottles and attacking passers-by, over an anonymous Instagram account that had "asked for tips on sluts in Gothenburg." What the media refuses to tell you: Sweden is full of rioting sluts.

Every once in a while, in the life a tabloid gossip blogger, everything falls into place. Today is one of those days: teens are rioting over being called sluts on Instagram. The Local reports:

The turmoil was set off after an Instagram user asked for tips on sluts in Gothenburg. More than 200 pictures were submitted, giving names and alleged sexual activities of girls aged 13 to 14.

Once the Instagram account was shut down, the allegations then appeared on a Facebook page. Users began naming each other and the comments field was quickly filled with threats of violence.

What this anonymous Instagram user didn't know is that you don't call young Swedish women sluts. Gothenburg's accused took matters into their own hands: another Facebook page was created urging everyone to show up at Plusgymnasiet high school, where, it was said (though not confirmed), the anonymous Instagrammer was a student. As happens when teens gather, things quickly went downhill. "The protesters are kicking down lampposts and jumping on cars," a bystander told tabloid Aftonbladet. Fights broke out. Eventually the rioting teens, alleged sluts and bandwagoners alike, made their way to a local mall:

The rioting students then moved over to the Nordstan mall in central Gothenburg, forcing confused holiday shoppers to take cover inside stores as police work to bring the unruly teens under control.

The teens quickly conquered the mall and established their own breakaway state, The Republic of Sluts. Ceasefire negotiations are ongoing. (Kidding. The teens calmed down and Sweden has returned to its social-welfare paradise.)

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