Morgan Freeman may agree with the comments being attributed to him by thousands on Facebook and Twitter, but he didn't write them.

His publicist Stan Rosenfield confirmed as much to TheWrap yesterday, adding that Freeman's camp was "trying to determine the origin of the hoax statement."

Reddit, which was also taken in by the hoax, claims it already knows the source.

The Inquisitr — which blamed The Examiner for lending the falsehood "credence"linked to a Reddit thread that contained a screengrab of a Facebook thread said to be the origin of the quote.

In the thread, the author, identified as a Vancouver man named Mark, goes so far as to joke that "if I know the internet, someone will attribute the quote to Morgan Freeman or Betty White and it'll go viral."

Redditor Quintilian751 claims he and his friends "thought it'd be funny" to do just that. "Day later, Reddit Front Page," he writes. "Bravo, Internet."

[H/T: The Atlantic Wire, photo via AP]