H. Wayne Carver, the Chief Connecticut State Medical Examiner, just held a press conference to explain the findings of his examination. He determined that the cause of death for all of the victims was by gunshot wound, he classified all of the deaths as homicides. "I believe everybody was hit more than once," he told reporters.

He also said that his evidence showed that a long rifle was used in most of the shootings.

As promised this morning, a list of the victims names has now been released to the public. Eight of the children killed were boys, 12 were girls. All were 6 or 7 years old.

Doctors have still not looked at the body of the shooter, Adam Lanza, or the body of his mother, Nancy Lanza. "Our goal was to get the kids out and available to the funeral directors first," Dr. Carver said. They will do that in the coming days.

Earlier today, CNN claimed that investigators were told Adam Lanza had an altercation with some people at the school prior to Friday's shooting. At the press conference, Connecticut state police Lt. Paul Vance said that there were no reports of any altercation the day before the shooting that involved Adam Lanza.

There will no further press conferences from the Connecticut state police today.

[Photo via CNN's Livestream]