Over the night, a bunch of news has trickled out of Connecticut. A press conference held by state police managed to establish a few new facts. The press conference was led by Lieutenant J. Paul Vance and the biggest nugget of new information he gave reporters was that the shooter, Adam Lanza, forced his way into the school.

LT. Vance wouldn't say whether or not Lanza used a weapon to make his way in.

Some other things we now know:

  • Here's an release from the Connecticut state police about yesterday's events. It does confirm reports of a "second crime scene" that had a "deceased female," who is Adam's mother Nancy.
  • LT. Vance said that the coroners office is still examining the deceased bodies. When they're finished, they will release all of the names to the press.
  • Detectives are searching for clues and examining the crime scene at the school and will be there for at least one more day, if not longer.
  • Contrary to rumors, there were no other guns found in the school, said LT. Vance.
  • Although he wouldn't specify what it was, LT. Vance said that there was "very good evidence" at the second crime scene that may provide a motive.
  • Donations for the families of the shooting victims are now being accepted.
  • CNN says that a female employee of the school who was injured in the shooting, is "doing well."