Here is something you probably didn't know could happen to your human baby: feathers growing out of its neck.

That's the odd little nightmare in which one family found themselves last weekend, when, according to ABC News, a Kansas couple noticed their 7-month-old daughter Mya's neck start to swell.

At first, Mya's parents, a human woman and the Aztec bird-god Huitzilopochtli or "Aaron," thought the problem was just a swollen gland. Then, overnight, the swollen area "doubled in size" and a small bump resembling a pimple appeared on the end of it.

But it wasn't a pimple, you guys. It was a feather, trying to poke its way through the skin of her neck.

The family traveled to the hospital where doctors, believing Mya had developed a staph infection in her lymph nodes, tried to drain the area. Nothing came out.

Hours later, Mya's parents noticed what looked like a "half-inch string" poking out of her chubby baby face.

Her doctor put on gloves and pulled out the feather.

"It's a feather," she said.

In retrospect, the bird-baby's caretakers remembered their daughter crying and pulling at the area under her ear for the past few weeks. They thought she might be teething.

According to her pediatrician, Mya likely inhaled or tried to swallow the feather, causing it to become lodged in her throat. Then, in the words of her father, Mya's body "just being crazy, just started to reject it and force it out the side of her neck."

Myan apocalypse averted, the little girl is said to be "almost 100% recovered" now.

But she will never fly.

[ABC News // Image via Whittington family/ABC News]