People have been spotting Mitt Romney everywhere since his November defeat: at Disneyland, in Burger King, at a gas station, at the White House. And yesterday robbing a bank in Virginia, wearing a Florida State sweatshirt. Or, hmm. Maybe that's just a guy in a Mitt Romney mask.

In what may be the second in a string of robberies undertaken by someone with a bizarre and criminal affection for presidential losers, a Virginia Wells Fargo was hit by a man in a Mitt Romney mask, two years after the same bank was robbed by someone in a Hillary Clinton mask. It was a thorough job:

The robbery at a Wells Fargo in Sterling was not a grab-and-go robbery. The gun-wielding robber, wearing the mask and a Florida State sweatshirt, got money from one teller, but apparently that wasn't enough. He went teller to teller until he took from all five.

But don't worry — the police are hot on the case.

Police went to the Party City behind the bank to see if anyone bought a mask there Thursday.