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Barbara Walters' annual 10 Most Fascinating People special aired last night. Here's the list. I'm sure you'll find it fascinating. (Spoiler: David Petraeus was her No. 1. Also, Honey Boo Boo made the cut, but unfortunately, she did not sit down to sass and yawn at Babs in an interview.)

A felt puppet replica of Walters hosted the show. She told Chris Christie he's fat, implied that EL James is a cow who should not be having any sex (let alone rough sex), said she was going to kill herself to the delight of One Direction, asked Ben Affleck about his "wonder sperm," seemingly made a sperm double entendre out of Gabby Douglas telling her that the "boys will come later" and ran down a list of Seth McFarlane's favored topics. This forced felt Babs to say the words "bestiality," "premature ejaculation" and "farts," which she pronounced "fahts," of course, which is the best thing she's ever done in her storied and boundary-defying career. Above, a clip reel of highlights of a woman who everyday redefines the concept of "not getting older but getting better."