Two thousand twelve. The future. We order our hair online and we get our clothes from a pill. We don't have time to cut a piece of chicken or open a can of soda. We only have time for chips.

Pepsi understands that. Accordingly, late this summer, PepsiCo launched a line of soda-and-meat-flavored potato chips in China.

Ad Age describes the Pepsi-chicken Lay's potato chips as "the marriage of two Pepsi brands in a single product." Perhaps a more accurate description is that the chips are like are a blowjob at an anonymous sex party, and then the Pepi's mask falls off and the chicken looks up from its knees to realize it's fellating its cousin. Everyone vomits.

According to Ad Age, the flavor of Dr. Frankenstein's chips is "vaguely similar to barbecue with a sugary aftertaste."

So just like a barbecue that is bad and complicated for no reason.

(For what it's worth, the chips are apparently popular in China, where cola is a common ingredient in cooking and up is sideways.)

[Ad Age h/t Food Beast // Images via AP]