The Clackamas County Sheriff's has identified the gunman in yesterday's Oregon Mall shooting as 22-year-old Jacob Tyler Roberts.

According to an eyewitness, the young masked male, who was carrying an AR-15 semiautomatic rifle he'd stolen from a friend, declared his intentions before firing. From the AP via Huffington Post:

Austin Patty, 20, who works at Macy's, said he saw a man in a white mask carrying a rifle and wearing a bulletproof vest. He heard the gunman say, "I am the shooter," as if announcing himself. A series of rapid-fire shots in short succession followed as Christmas music played. Patty said he ducked to the ground and then ran.

A few more details have also emerged about the suspect's pathway through the mall. From GMA/ABC/Yahoo, Roberts reportedly came in the second floor, fired rounds in the food court, and then shot himself outside an REI:

Police said today that Roberts parked his car outside of the Macy's department store at the mall, entered the mall on the second floor, and then "moved quickly" toward the food court, firing shots. . . Roberts' gun jammed briefly while shooting at the food court, but he was able to continue shooting after it resumed working, police said.

Roberts then ran down a hallway and a flight of stairs to the first floor of the mall, near an REI store, where he apparently shot himself, police said.

Officials also identified the two people Roberts killed as Steve Forsyth, 45, of West Linn, Oregon, and Cindy Ann Yule (right), 54, of Portland, with a third victim, Kristina Shevchenko wounded and in serious condition.

UPDATE: The Oregonian has more information on the suspect.

A woman believed to be Roberts' mother answered her door at her Portland home, but tearfully declined to comment to an Oregonian reporter. "I loved my son very much," she said.

Roberts had planned to go into the Navy after he graduated from high school, but he hurt his leg, so he wasn't eligible, said Rosalie DeDore, a friend of Roberts' stepfather. "After that, everything kind of fell apart for him," she said.

UPDATE 2: The Atlantic Wire's Connor Simpson finds the Facebook page of Jake Roberts from Oregon, a Clackamas Community College student who "likes" shooting, Dexter, and doesn't read. In his "about me" section, the 22-year-old self-identifies as a "funny" "alcoholic" who works at "the most badass gyro shop in town" and is "the conductor of my choo choo train."

Two of his profile photos; one from a shooting range:

["Mall Suspect Jacob Tyler Roberts Liked 'Shooting' on His Facebook Page"]

UPDATE 3: Roberts's former roommate tells the Oregonian that the 22-year-old sold all his stuff and was planning to move to Hawaii, but missed his flight four days ago. A former co-worker also confirms his Hawaii plan, saying Roberts abruptly gave notice in November, but generally was a light-hearted guy who joked around a lot.

His neighbor saw him leave his house around 1:30 yesterday, carrying a guitar case.

[top photo via Fox 8 WGHP]