While you were busy unfollowing the Pope on Twitter, the evil geniuses at Facebook were busy compiling your year in review, based off your most popular posts.

According to Facebook, the timeline shows your "20 biggest moments" from 2012. But in reality, it's just 20 times you got drunk and someone had a camera: mine has two full albums of me wasted at weddings and a video of me lip synching "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" in a wig. It also shows how many friends you added this year (only five? how sad), and how many new pages you liked this year.

You can access your own year in review at: facebook.com/yearinreview. You can also look at your friends' by entering their custom URL. You cannot access the year in reviews of people you aren't friends with though, so don't go typing facebook.com/yearinreview/beyonce. It will not work.

Facebook has also compiled a list of trends for the year here. It includes the most listened to songs, most talked about movies, public figures and events, as well as the most commonly checked-into places. It serves as a wonderful window into the terrifying banality of human existence.

[Image via Facebook]