According to various reports, at approximately 3:30 p.m. PST a gunman opened fire in a food court on the top floor of the Clackamas Town Center, a mall near Portland, Oregon. The Oregonian is reporting two people were killed, but the sheriff's department has so far only confirmed one death. The sheriff's department also confirmed that the shooter has been "neutralized," although the spokesperson couldn't say if that meant he was arrested or killed. The AP reports the gunman was wearing camouflage, body armor and some sort of white mask. We'll update as we have more details.

UPDATE: According to the Oregonian, the shooter used a semi-automatic rifle, believed to be an AR-15, which was one of the weapons James Holmes used in the Aurora shootings this summer. Witnesses report between 20 and 60 shots were fired.

UPDATE X2: The sheriff's department has now confirmed that three people were killed, including the gunman. One other person suffered traumatic injuries.

UPDATE X3: Police are now saying the gunman killed himself, and that no shots were fired by law enforcement officers.