Today's Taylor Swift Perfect Dream World Action Shot™ comes to us from an after-party held following One Direction's December 3rd concert at Madison Square Garden. In it, Taylor Swift recreates the iconic "lift" scene from Dirty Dancing, a movie about a girl who deceives her father to get money for her friend's abortion.

The image began floating around on Twitter today. Some folks are claiming it was snapped at the Z100 Jingle Ball, where Swift and Styles were captured on video k-i-s-s-i- you get the idea. However, the outfits and Spartan party setting are definitely the ones already captured in grainy photos of the MSG fête, which featured karaoke and (one would assume) a sleep-away field trip amount of underage drinking.

Another fun detail about the picture is that it was taken mere hours after Taylor Swift accepted the Best Living Non-Kennedy award at a gala hosted by ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy's family. Little did the Kennedys know their #whitepplparty wasn't even Taylor's main thing that night.

It was just a prelude.

To Dance.

[h/t Max, Image via Twitter]