Anne Hathaway went retro to last night's New York premiere of Les Misérables — her bush-free flash to paps as she stepped out of her car was so five years ago. It's also really awkward. Anne Hathaway has built a squeaky clean career out of being mad unassuming about her genitalia. We always knew it was there, but we don't know how it was there, except now we do. Um...

Us posted a censored version of photo, but you can scroll down and see the uncensored version is not the full-on spread that nobody wanted. Maybe she's just getting started?

The morals are: wear underwear, know which Catwoman you are (you'll never, ever be Michelle Pfieffer in Batman Returns, so don't wear the kind of fetishy knee-braces that she would to see a Gotham community production of Les Misérables) and I'm aware, vulva police, but "vagina" just works.

[Photo via Splash]