As of today, Christmas is only two weeks away, which means that we only have 54 more shopping weeks until next Christmas.

As you wrap up your holiday shoping (or, more likely, delay for twelve more days and then dash to 7/11 in a panic—Lotto cards for everyone! The gift of hope!), don't forget to treat yo self.

Scratch that. Don't forget to buy things for other people as you rack up presents for yourself like Mario coins.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the practice of "self-gifting" is at an all time high.

Unlike regular shopping, in which you buy yourself things that you need, self-gifting is all about buying yourself things you deserve. As a self-gifter, you are your own courtesan. Woo yourself, girl. Treat yourself, boo.

Time to fess-up.

How are you keeping the "me" in "Christmastime"?

[Wall Street Journal // Image via Shutterstock]