Ever since we started reporting on important fruit issues, a lot of desperate biters out there are talking about fruit. Look, let's put this whole fruit discussion to rest so that we can get back to more important matters. Here is the definitive ranking of fruits.

A few simple ground rules: 1) Only common fruits are included in this list, not crazy exotic fruits that nobody even eats, or minor fruits that are little more than a showy offshoot of a more popular fruit. 2) Things that are technically "fruit" but that everyone treats as vegetables are not on this list. 3) This list is not fallible.


27. Fig
26. Date
25. Honeydew
24. Papaya
23. Cantaloupe
22. Blackberry
21. Pear
20. Raspberry
19. Apricot
18. Pineapple
17. Guava
16. Lemon
15. Plum
14. Strawberry
13. Apple
12. Grape
11. Grapefruit
10. Kiwi
9. Orange
8. Pomegranate
7. Lime
6. Watermelon
5. Banana
4. Cherry
3. Peach
2. Mango
1. Blueberry

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