Conservative voters have always tried to claim that Barack Obama is a secret Muslim or a private athiest — sometimes he's both at the same time. But new analysis shows that the religiously unaffiliated among us are one of the President's biggest backers.

These people are known by pollsters as the "nones," meaning they might still be religious, but they don't belong to a specific organized branch. NPR reports that "Nationally, Obama lost the Protestant vote by 15 points, won the Catholic vote by 2 points, and captured 70 percent of the 'nones.'"

This is one of those things that makes you smile and say "only in 2012."

Nearly 75% of the new voting bloc supports abortion and same-sex marriage. Finally, democrats have their answer to the religious right. Now who wants to step up to the plate and be the liberal Jerry Falwell?

NPR [Image via AP]