There's Mitt and Ann Romney's facial expressions at the exact moment that Manuel Marquez delivered a perfect knockout punch to Manny Pacquiao in last night's big fight.

The former Massachusetts Governor and his wife took in the event last night in ringside seats and as Pacquiao was falling to the ground, you can almost see the flashbacks the Romneys are having to last month's election night.

Before the fight, Romney visited Pacquiao's locker room where he introduced himself in the most perfect of robotic ways that only Mitt can pull off. "Hi, Manny," he said. "I'm Mitt Romney. I ran for president. I lost."

This is surely how Mitt Romney has been introducing himself to everyone for the last month. In some cases, we're guessing, he follows it up with "and it's all your fault, ya poor person."

[Image via @BuzzFeedAndrew]