Corey Curtis, a Wisconsin man, was about $85,000 behind in child support payments for two of his nine children (more on his super sperm in a minute). After pleading no-contest to one charge of felony bail jumping and one charge of failing to pay his child support, he received an uncommon punishment as part of his probation sentencing.

Judge Tim Boyle told Curtis that he is not allowed to impregnante anyone else. "It's too bad the court doesn't have the authority to sterilize," the judge said during the sentencing.

Yes, that's right. The judge told Curtis that he's not allowed to use his manjunk for the next three years. Strangely enough, this law has precedence in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. The higher has ruled that a judge can order defendants to not have another child unless he he sufficiently show he has enough funds to support the raising of another child — something that Curtis certainly cannot do at this time.

Curtis' sperm is clearly super powerful. Instead of closing it off to the world, we should embrace it. Let's somehow try and figure out how use those bad boys as a source of renewable energy. We have to start using his power for good and not evil, it's our only hope.

Rawstory [Source Image via Sashkin/Shutterstock]