Bill Clinton, the man who famously "did not inhale," is definitely getting ready for the inevitable legalization of marijuana. We're pretty sure that he and Hil' have a gorgeous vaporizer all picked out and ready to go.

But even if our stoner sixth sense is lying to us, the former President is certainly not shying away from saying critical things about the United States' policies on drugs. Clinton makes some pretty bold declarations in a new documentary called "Breaking the Taboo," which is directed by Sam Branson, son of the world's wackiest rich guy Richard Branson.

"Well obviously if the expected results was that we would eliminate serious drug use in America and eliminate the narcotrafficking networks – it hasn't worked," Clinton says.

Later in the film, he goes on to defend his own efforts against illegal drug trade:

"What I tried to do was to focus on every aspect of the problem. I tried to empower the Colombians for example to do more militarily and police-wise because I thought that they had to. Thirty percent of their country was in the hands of the narcotraffickers."

In 1993, Clinton raised the Drug Czar position to cabinet-level status. And it was measured during 1998, at the tail end of Clinton's presidency, that African Americans were sent to state prisons for drug offenses 13 times more often than other races.

Politico [Image via AP]