Five members of a tiny twink army, known to most as One Direction, were on The Late Show With David Letterman last night. They were pretty humble, albeit kind of boring, during their sit down with Dave. But the show's most exciting moment was their entrance when fellow guest Dustin Hoffman accompanied them to the stage. Left with nowhere to sit, Hoffman sat on the lap of 1D's Niall Horan.

Then he gave him a really exaggerated fake kiss.

Not exciting for you? Well it was certainly exciting for Niall. He was immediately taken back to the day at the beach. That day, yes. Liam had taken him to the shore on his family trip. They were closest in the group at the time. "C'mon we're both a little stressed with this whole new fame thing, let's get away," Liam had said.

So Niall had followed him to the beach. He was always following Liam. When they got into the water, Liam pulled Niall close and said "It's so freezing," through his chattering teeth. And just like Dustin Hoffman said last night on the couch, Liam whispered, "I'm going to kiss you on the mouth, okay?"

And Niall said yes, knowing just how jealous his friends would be, especially Harry...