Authorities in Florida have arrested a Palm Coast man and charged him with child neglect for allegedly going to a bar and leaving his 10-month-old at home with no one to care for him besides a pet pit bull.

The child's mother had reportedly left the baby with 41-year-old James R. Irvine on Friday night, and later called to check up on him.

After phoning several times, Irvine finally picked up and told the mother he was "watching the game." Concerned, the woman arrived at Irvine's residence around midnight to find him trying to reenter the home through the garage.

After she confronted him, Irvine confessed to stepping out for "a few drinks," but denied leaving the baby alone. Irvine reportedly told the mother his pet pit bull was watching the baby.

In the house the mother found the dog sitting outside a closed bedroom door. The baby was inside the room crying and wet, indicating he "hadn't been changed in a while."

Deputies arrived at the home around 12:30 AM and arrested Irvine. They also visited the bar he patronized and learned that Irvine had six beers before skipping out on paying his $23.50 tab.

[mug shot via Flagler County Sheriff's Office via WPTV]