Earlier today an alleged nude shot of rapper Joe Budden leaked. (You may remember him from "Pump It Up" or his guest spot on Marques Houston's "Clubbin'," but let's face it: you probably do not). It's now strewn about the Internet—get an eyeful of it here, if you're inclined.

This being the Internet, where we have been spoiled by the human Pizza Hut breadsticks of Big Sean and Chris Brown, for example, anything less than an air duct in a dude's pants is deemed "small." Here's how it was received around the web today:

No he couldn't. And he doesn't.

But don't feel bad for Budden. As unfair as people have been regarding what may be his totally normal, for all we know dangerous-when-erect schlong, he then out-assholed his cock's naysayers in a series of tweets:

So in addition to agreeing with everyone that this piece, whomever's it is, is small, he's also suggesting that there's something wrong with men who look at dicks (which is something he obviously had to do to deny it was him and co-sign on in the size discourse). Joe Budden may or may not have a small dick, but he sure acts like he does.

[via ONTD]