Her world may be caving in around her, but Lindsay Lohan rewarded herself with a jaunt to Philly—"America's Paris"—last night, to lust, to dance, and to Want.

Yes, Philadelphia received a rare visit from a person not from Philadelphia on Wednesday, when Long Island's own Lindsay Lohan made a surprise appearance backstage at local FM station Q102's Jingle Ball concert.

Who else do we know who was at the Q102 Jingle Ball? Why, Max from The Wanted — the very Max whose love Lohan allegedly tried to earn by punching a psychic at a nightclub last week.

The radio station tweeted a picture of Lohan signing autographs backstage. It's unknown if she got to talk face to face with the Max of her dreams. (His twitter page eschewed mentions of Lohan in favor of some classic Rocky humor.)

Last week, the band implied to MTV News that Lindsay Lohan is a nice girl they don't really know all that well. Here's singer Jay McGuiness (of Lohan t-shirt fame) on the subject of what went down in da club:

"It's a bit of a blur actually, but some sort of scuffle with a fortune teller. It was very odd. We actually carried on partying after that. It was reported that [the fight] was about Max, but I don't think it actually was. But she was a total sweetheart on the night, so our experience is quite positive."

Lohan's own Twitter account has remained silent on the topic of the alleged brawl.

Today she posted a #ThrowbackThursday tweet fondly remembering a Thursday that occurred two weeks ago:

Nothing says "Lohan Holiday" like tweeting a Thanksgiving-themed picture of the energy drink you are contractually obligated to enjoy in public.

[Image via Getty // Q102 FM]