What's it like to have sex with Elmo (puppeteer Kevin Clash)? Be prepared for frequent phone calls, poppers, crystal meth, "a game between 'father and son,'" and the presence of Clash's driver. And also, be underage.

That's the picture that's painted by the stories of the three men currently accusing Clash of pursuing sexual relationships with them while they were underage, collected by the Daily Beast here. Sheldon Stephens, the first of the three to accuse Clash, says the two met at a charity mixer when Stephens — a would-be actor and model — was 16. They stayed in touch, becoming friends; eventually, Clash began to "insinuat[e] sexual things," and invited Stephens to his Manhattan apartment:

According to Stephens, Clash, his driver and Stephens all used crystal meth and engaged in foreplay. But Stephens said he only had sexual intercourse with Clash and never saw the driver again. [...] Stephens said his sexual relationship with Clash continued, but that they would only see each other when Stephens could find the time to visit Manhattan on weekends. When they got together, he said, they would have sex and sometimes use poppers. They were also bonding emotionally.

The second accuser, Cecil Singleton, met Clash on a phone-sex line, and says they never did drugs, but his story is otherwise fairly similar. Both Singleton and Clash initially lied about their ages, but when they met, Clash admitted he was 43, and Singleton that he was only 15. Nonetheless, Clash insistently chased the much younger man.

That night after dinner, Clash invited Singleton to go up to his condo "for a proper kiss," and the two engaged in sexual behavior but not intercourse, Singleton said. [...] Singleton said he and Clash went on six or seven dates, and that Clash always offered to pay for his cabs and sometimes gave Singleton small amounts of cash to help him get by. Clash would check in by phone twice a day, Singleton said. [...] During that period, Singleton said, he and Clash never had sexual intercourse, nor did Clash offer him drugs.

Singleton says that Clash was "never disrespectful or aggressive verbally," but that he was never "comfortable with his age."

Like Singleton, the third accuser — known only as "D.O." — met Clash on a gay chat line. And like Singleton, it quickly progressed to an in-person meeting:

When D.O. arrived at the apartment, the suit says, Clash offered him alcohol and the two engaged in sexual contact, "including oral sex and digital penetration of [D.O.'s] anus." D.O. was a virgin at the time, according to the lawsuit. [...] In pages of [an unpublished memoir...], D.O. refers to Clash as "The Tickler" and writes that Clash initially told him he was a successful businessman, but that he later learned he was in the entertainment business. D.O. describes their relationship as a game between "father and son."

Even after D.O. moved away, Clash "incessantly" called (across all three stories, Clash is a frequent phone-user).

Clash is facing a lawsuit from Singleton and "D.O."

[Daily Beast; images via AP]