Yesterday, all by ourselves, without no inspiration whatsoever, we brought you the 19 Most Powerful Images of 2012. But we have to ask: was 2012 about "inspiring," "powerful" images? Or was it about celebrity nude photos naked nude sex tape topless? Looking back across the year, we can say, definitely, 2012's biggest story was nude topless celebrities download here for sex tapes.

So, in celebration, here are the 13 most powerful — most moving — most inspiring photographs of nude, naked, and topless celebrities. As the master says, there are some incredibly inspiring pictures of naked celebrities in here, but warning: Some of these may break your heart.

Kate Middleton's Top, 9/14/2012

"These Topless Photos of Kate Middleton Put Us at Two for Three on Royal Nudie Pic Scandals"

Olivia Munn, 3/5/2012

"Olivia Munn's Super Dirty Alleged Naked Pics: ‘Lick My Tight Asshole and Choke Me'"

Heather Morris, 3/12/2012

"This Week's Naked Celebrity Phone Pics: Glee's Heather Morris"

Justin Theroux's Pubes, 2/13/2012

"When Male Celebrities Show Their Pubes, They Show Their Souls"

Kate Middleton's Bottom, 9/28/2012

"With These New Bottomless Paparazzi Shots We've Basically Seen Kate Middleton Nude"

Prince Harry, 8/21/2012

"Prince Harry Naked Photos: What Happens in Vegas Ends Up on TMZ"

A pig... with poop on its balls

"Pig Poops On Own Balls (Photo NSFW Because Pig Is Pooping On Its Own Giant Balls)"

Allison Pill, 9/12/2012

"Newsroom Star Alison Pill Accidentally Posts Topless Pic on Twitter"

Marilyn Monroe, 5/9/2012

"‘Lost Photos' of Marilyn Monroe Mostly the Same Old Photos of Marilyn Monroe"

Snooki, 6/10/2012

"Snooki's Cellphone Gets Hacked, Naked Pictures Get Leaked, Eyeballs Get Hurt"

Mark Zuckerberg, 8/10/2012

"Here Is a Picture of Mark Zuckerberg Topless"

AnnaLynne McCord, 1/9/2012

"Actress Tweets Topless Pic at Random, Overjoyed Fan"

Christina Hendricks, 3/5/2012

Christina Hendricks Says These Giant Naked Boobs Aren't Hers, But Everything Else Is