The up-and-coming young "Millennial" generation, comprised of a bunch of soup-slurping microbloggers who mistakenly believe that they are creating rather than following trends, is ready to accept it distinction as the biggest bunch of sellouts coolest generation that history has yet produced. They have an inherent ability—born, perhaps, of a sensitive attunement to the standards of truth and beauty which no machine can replicate—to tell you exactly what is cool, about an advertisement.

Hey, it's a new survey of Millennials by a massive PR agency seeking to find the best ways to exploit Millennials. Edelman™ thanks you for your cooperation, Millennials. Here is my favorite finding:

Millennials are surprisingly open to brand engagement and advertising, if brands have the right approach: Only 3 percent of Millennials thinks all advertising is boring, and 80 percent want brands to entertain them

"Hey, look at that superficially amusing 'viral' video created by a International Poison Corp. I will now spread it to my circle of friends via social media, thereby providing, for free, valuable word-of-mouth marketing and a 'halo effect' of youth and coolness that International Poison Corp. so craves, much like an ancient vampire craves a young virgin's sweet lifeblood." - Millennials.

A lot of games, a lotta suckers with colorful names.

[Edelman via Ad Age. Image via]