An argument over the likelihood of a zombie apocalypse becoming a reality ended with a woman getting shot in the back by her boyfriend.

According to Nassau County Detective Lt. Raymond Cote, 26-year-old Jared Gurman of Long Island had an "ongoing debate" with his girlfriend Jessica Gelderman, 27, about whether AMC's The Walking Dead could play out in real life.

"He feels strongly about the possibility that some military mishap could occur. She thinks it's ridiculous," Cote told reporters. "She was not taking him seriously or taking the show as seriously as he does."

In the early hours of Monday morning, a text exchange between the two became heated, and Gelderman went to Gurman's apartment to calm him down.

However, Gurman, who greeted her with a .22 caliber assault rifle, refused her efforts to defuse the situation, and as soon as she entered the apartment, Gurman shot her in the back.

"Her injuries are a shattered rib, a pierced lung, a pierced diaphragm and she is in serious, but stable condition," Cote said, noting that Gurman drove Gelderman to the hospital himself.

Police arrested Gurman at the hospital and charged him with attempted second-degree murder.

[mug shot via NCPD via amNY]