Spartan High School in New Holland, Pennsylvania, was just another average, everyday, small-town educational institution with ordinary students and an unremarkable faculty.

That is, until they went and made "the single worst video on the entire Internet."

Spartan High's "Gangnam Style" parody video isn't so much the worst as it is the thing against which all the things ever called "the worst" are measured.

"THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO," exclaims YouTuber Cym4tic. "This is from my high school. And I hate my high school, so no shame. Feel free to hate it and share it with the world!" Because no one should have to suffer this alone.

UPDATE: I've been informed that school's name is actually Garden Spot High School, not Spartan High School. Apologies to Garden Spot students for the embarrassing mistake.

[H/T: Reddit]