Enlightened men know that the old system in which the top professional fields were almost completely dominated by"good old boys" simply was not tenable. I mean, the whining alone, year after year... I don't have to paint you a picture. It was just common sense to allow a few more women into the legal and medical professions. Modernization, and all that. Posing for the company "Diversity" brochure. Tending to the legal and medical problems of poopy children. Things of that nature. But, my fellow men, I'm afraid that we have grown lax. Our patronizing offer of PR-inspired pseudo-equality has been getting out of hand.

The WSJ reports on the latest disturbing Census figures, which paint a portrait of a nation in which Professional Men may be rapidly becoming the new Black People, or Gay People, or other Oppressed Group—a world in which we are the two-thirds minority in our chosen fields:

Women held 33.4% of legal jobs-including lawyers, judges, magistrates and other judicial workers-in 2010, up from 29.2% in 2000. The share of female physicians and surgeons increased to 32.4% from 26.8% during that time.

In 1970, women were 9.7% of the nation's doctors and just 4.9% of its lawyers, according to Census data.

What is next—a world in which men make up half of the doctors and lawyers? What bitter negation of Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream of a day in which all men would be equal, with other men! I can only imagine that Jesus is, at this very moment, shedding a single tear in heaven, and urging Lady Liberty to consider becoming an executive assistant, a perfectly respectable job which would suit her personality and allow her to one day find a husband.

[WSJ. Photo: Shutterstock]