Though it might not look it, Fox News has learned a lesson or two from last month's presidential election.

For one thing, it learned to keep Karl Rove off the air. For another, it learned to do the same with Dick Morris.

According to a report by New York Magazine's Gabriel Sherman, Fox News head honcho Roger Ailes personally ordered his deputy, programming chief Bill Shine, to issue a directive limiting both Rove and Morris's on-air presence.

Until further notice, "producers must get permission before booking Rove or Morris," Sherman writes.

Though sources told Sherman it was the now-infamous election-night meltdown that ultimately benched Rove, a Fox News spokesman denied that Ailes and Rove were at loggerheads.

As for Morris — well, the fact that he admitted that his Romney landslide prediction was about telling Republicans what they wanted to hear was likely a bit too on the nose for Fox.