Earlier this week, an Egypt Air flight from Cairo to Kuwait was forced to make an emergency landing after a cobra bit a passenger. The snakebit man was reportedly a Jordanian reptile dealer who'd smuggled the poisonous snake aboard.

According to CNN, the man was trying to control the snake when it bit him and then disappeared underneath his seat. The plane landed in the Egyptian resort town of Al Ghardaqa, where the Jordanian man refused medical treatment, saying the wound was "only superficial," which, bold move. After authorities captured the snake, the flight resumed its voyage to Kuwait.

CNN also reports actor Samuel L "Jackson's character in the movie 'Snakes on a Plane' tries to figure out how to save the aircraft after crates of hyped-up serpents started killing the cast." Also according to CNN: "Ninety passengers aboard an Egypt Air flight from Cairo to Kuwait could have used actor Samuel L. Jackson this week..."

[Image via Shutterstock]