Among the most popular current queries over at, a popular online message board for wealthy adult urban babies: "curios after reading the below post - how many carats is your engagement ring & where do you live? I live in NYC, engagement ring is 1.5 carats."

The answers range from ".5 carats" on the low end, to "NYC a little over 6 carats" [yowza] on the high end, to "No idea, never asked, don't care." "Come on, no idea???? How oblivious are you?" "Not oblivious just seriously don't care. The size looks good on my finger. He designed it himself, THAT meant a lot to me. I know he hand selected the diamond as well. Do people seriously say yes and them ask how many carets?" "Ugh, you can estimate if you have a brain." "I have 2 degrees but not a brain? So hard to believe I just don't care? I don't know a damn thing about diamonds and have no desire to. Why does it bother YOU to the point of being nasty?" "So like, 0.4 carats." "Sounds smaller than that." "It's not small. He had it designed at a very reputable jeweler. Seems like a lot of trouble to go through for something fake or a chip don't you thinK? Oh, wait, you don't think unless is about how special you think you are. I honestly wouldn't give a damn if it WAS fake. All I care about is our marriage. Imagine that!" "Hehe, why so riled up for someone who doesn't care? You sound sooooo tedious." "I'm not riled up? You seem to be however. Time for your xanex?" "2 degrees and you can't spell xanax," on the "just don't care" end. Some people just don't care about these things.

How big is your engagement ring? Really? Well, I'm sure it looks bigger on your bony hands.

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