Wondering what to get the person who has everything? Why not one of these lovely calendars from dental supply company Practicon? Each month is accompanied by a photo of Practicon's dental mannequins, dressed up and having fun. It's heartwarming — and completely and utterly terrifying.

Above, January, in which the hideous mannequin family hits the slopes for a ski trip; below, February, where boy mannequin gives girl mannequin the gift she'd always wanted — the warm, still-beating heart of a human woman, dripping with the organic life-essence she so desperately desires:

These lovely little nightmare-of-the-moth calendars were initially intended for schools, but luckily for us all, Practicon has decided to make them available to us all. From Practicon's Facebook page:

Great news! We will be releasing these! They're not on our site yet, but you can order them now by calling 1-800.959.9505 or emailing ccr@practicon.com.

[Funtax via Chris Mohney]