Cory Booker, celebrity Newark Mayor and man of "no known vices or addictions," has begun his foray into the foodie world of poor people. It all started when Booker accepted a challenge via Twitter to live off of food stamps for one week. That week starts today and continues through December 11.

Of course questions and speculations about the mayor's "Food Stamp Odyssey" arose. Questions like, "will he make it?" and, more importantly, "what should he eat?" Politico suggested that he should buy "a slice of bacon, a meatball sandwich, and a turkey sandwich" for starters.

Cory Booker is a vegetarian and has been "since Oxford." Which is why, according to a tweeted picture of his receipt from Path Mark, Cory Booker bought a shit ton of beans and corn for $29.78. What was he thinking with all that starch? What should our Stanford-, Oxford-, and Yale-educated, vegetarian Cory Booker have bought with his make-believe food stamps instead? I'm sure he (and all of the vegetarians who live off of food stamps for real) will appreciate your input this week.