The only thing more predictable than the annual "War on Christmas" outcry at Fox News is The Daily Show's annual response to the annual "War on Christmas" outcry at Fox News.

That's not to say it isn't very, very necessary.

In fact, as Jon Stewart points out, it seems the lack of any real ammo for the network's unfounded paranoia is getting to some of its hosts and guests.

"Am I nuts?" asks Gretchen Carlson introspectively, to which Stewart responds with a resounding, "yes, you're fucking nuts."

And: "For whatever annoying, local, ticky-tack Christmas-abolishing story you and your merry band of persecution-seeking researchers can scour the wires and turn up, the rest of us can't swing a dead elf without knocking over an inflatable snow globe or a giant, blinking candy cane."

Stewart goes on to devote the largest portion of the segment to Bill O'Reilly's batshit, straw-clutching proposition that Christmas is not a religious holiday because Christianity is not a religion but a philosophy.

You're going to want to stick around for that:

[video via The Daily Show]