Law enforcement officials in York County, Nebraska, believe they have a key piece of evidence necessary to convict a 19-year-old woman of bank robbery and motor vehicle theft: A YouTube video she posted last week in which she brags about robbing a bank and stealing a car.

Hannah Sabata of Stromsburg was arrested last week in connection with a robbery at a Cornerstone Bank in Waco and the theft of a car in York.

Helpfully, Sabata, in a video titled "Chick Bank Robbery," admits to stealing $6,256 from a bank after jacking a Pontiac Grand Am. For emphasis, she also shows the camera just how much money she has, and refers to her alleged crime spree as the "best day of her life."

In addition to a written confession, Sabata also appears in the video dressed in the same clothes worn by the person who robbed the bank.

The teen, who refers to her hometown as "Hicktown" and claims to be a "victim of the government," was a colorful character long before her arrest. On her deviantART page, Sabata lists several "interesting facts" about herself, which include:

I can stretch both legs behind my head at the same time; I can do the splits; I can stand on my head; I have HIV; I'm married; I'm pregnant; I've been to jail; I've been to Boys Town; I've been homeless; I have ran away; I've saved my grandmother; I'm often mistaken as Asian; I get straight A's in school.

According to York County Sheriff Dale Radcliff, "all but $30 of the stolen money" has been recovered. Sabata was booked into York County Jail where she currently remains.

[screengrab via YouTube]