Under threat of the impending fiscal cliff, President Obama held a town hall-style Q&A today on the official White House Twitter account. Currently lawmakers are stalled out on negotiations to prevent automatic tax hikes from taking effect January 1. The Q&A's stated mission was to inform the public about the impact of the fiscal cliff — which it did. But really it was PR. "Look, the President uses the internet and is cool and is friends with Jay-Z and Beyoncé. Does John Boehner do that?"

First the President told @dontbeaprat that he liked her purple hair. Hip.

Then he reminded us he loves sports, which is hip, by making a Saturday Night Live reference from 1991, which is both topical and hip.

In all, the President spent about 45 minutes on Twitter, answering eight questions. You can see a Storify of the full Q&A here.

[Image via Twitter]